Mitsuba Philippines Corp., a Japanese company who manufactures electrical components ( motor, control, mechanisms) for automotive markets engages Daruma Corporation to expand their production facility. The expansion calls for the creation of 1,878 sq. meters of clean environment manufacturing line.
Scope of Works:

Design and Construction of Ducted Airconditioning and Pre-insulated Walls and Ceilings

Materials and Equipments:

  1. AHU/ACCU , 30 TR, Ducted and DX – 7 units
  2.  Air Showers, ordinary and tunnel-type – 6 units
  3. Pass-boxes – 5 units
  4.  Pressure Relief Dampers – 4 pcs
  5. 50mm Pre-insulated Wall Panels (PU)
  6.  2’ x 4’ x 1” Sandwich Ceiling Panels on heavy-duty ceiling grid
  7. Primary and Secondary Filters